Monday, September 18, 2017

I Hate Hate Again

After the Islamic Center was defaced last year, a group of clergy signed a letter in support. Unfortunaelty hate still remains, so after the tragedy in Charlottesville recently, we came together again to denounce hate in our world.

To (Whom It May Concern),

The recent events in Charlottesville and around our country serve as a reminder to all of us. Hate remains a plague on our world. We have seen recent images in the news of hate groups inciting riots as they preach and promote racism and Anti-Semitism, and it disturbs us greatly. These groups promote a belief that they and people “like” them remain superior to those of us they deem to be different or “inferior.” Whether they call themselves the KKK, Neo-Nazis or go by some other moniker, we understand their goal is simply to preach hate, nothing more, nothing less.

It’s unfortunate that we continue to live in a world with such unbridled hatred. Yet, we know that there are so many more people in our country who preach tolerance and respect as opposed to hate and malice. The news sometimes gives us the impression that these groups dominate the landscape, when in truth they remain the vocal minority. We, the vast majority of the people the United State of America, then understand that the responsibility to combat this unbridled hate rest with every single generation.

We, as clergy of Savannah, stand together and invite our friends, family members, neighbors, and communities to denounce these hate groups whenever possible. We invite everyone to contact your elected officials and thank them when they denounce hate groups and encourage them to do so if they haven’t already. Religious tradition teaches us, “You are not expected to complete the task, but neither are you free to avoid it.” We must not avoid the task of standing up to those who would promote hate. Until the day comes when it no longer exists, we must support each other as we condemn the hate mongers of our world. This is no room for racism or Anti-Semitism in our country today or tomorrow.

Clergy of the Savannah

Imam Ibrahim 'Abdul-Malik
Masjid Jihad

Reverend Michael Chaney
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church

Reverend Jan Durham
Asbury Memorial United Methodist Church

Pastor Ben Gosden

Reverend Rachel Greiner
Memorial Health

Rabbi Robert Haas
Congregation Mickve Israel

Rabbi Steven Henkin
Congregation Agudath Achim

Reverend Billy Hester
Asbury Memorial United Methodist Church

Susan Karlson
Unitarian Universalist Minister and Hospice Savannah Chaplain

Rev. George P. Lee, III, Ph.D.
St. John Baptist Church, "The Mighty Fortress

Reverend Claire Marich
Asbury Memorial United Methodist Church

Reverend David Messner
Unitarian Universalist Church of Savannah

Reverend Alex T. Moreschi M.Div.
Episcopal Deacon
Spiritual Care Coordinator, Affinis Hospice

Reverend Grady Mills
Asbury Memorial United Methodist Church

Monsignor William Oliver O'Neill 
Cathedral of St. John the Baptist

Reverend Hunt Priest
St. Peter’s Episcopal Church

Rev. Jeanette Purvis
Asbury Memorial United Methodist Church

Reverend J. Gerard Schreck
Cathedral of St. John the Baptist

Reverend Thurmon Tillman
First African Baptist Church

Pastor Kevin Veitinger
The Foundery

Reverend Jeanette Purvis
Asbury Memorial United Methodist Church

Reverend Michael S. White

Christ Church Episcopal